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Throughout my life, many people have questioned my authenticity. My constant upbeat attitude has some people skeptical of how real I'm being. Oh, to hear the word “fake” another time. Sometimes the weight of those words throws me and I really feel the impact. “What am I doing wrong?” I think. “How can I change myself for people to like me?” My head will spin, I'd feel so alone and confused, and then after some time I would come to the conclusion that I'm proud to be different. I know who I am and my outlook on life makes me CONSISTENTLY HAPPY so long as I stay true to my beliefs. And with that I found what other people have to say about me is NONE OF MY BUSINESS and is actually only a REFLECTION OF THEMSELVES. So, this formula works for me and I'm going to share it with you, so you to can live an extraordinary life bursting with elation.

The secret is PERCEPTION. The way we CHOOSE to look at each and every situation. Every time something happens to us, we tell ourselves a story about what that means and react from that place. If we train our minds to see the good in all things, then we can feel grateful and fulfilled. And vice versa. Now, don't get me wrong, “bad” things happen in my life all the time, just like everyone else. Sometimes, I forget my secret, and freak out, have a giant reaction, and act from a place of FEAR. But the majority of the time, I take a pause, and tell myself the story of what just happened from a glass half full perspective, and act from a place of LOVE. Its really that simple. Happiness is a choice.

In this category of my blog, I want to burst with happiness, shine a bright light on all things good. I will post motivational messages. Anything that makes my fire burn brighter, I want to share with you in hope you catch fire also. We'll talk vulnerability, projection, and epiphanies. I want to elevate my consciousness and vibrate at a beautifully intense level. So prepare to be inspired!!!

everything was beautiful

Suddenly, EVERYTHING was BEAUTIFUL. The way she viewed the world was nothing more than a REFLECTION of HERSELF. #RMDrake #BeautyIsALightInTheHeart ❤ #BreatheInTheOcean ????

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I just spent the last hour BICYCLING around town, headphones in, SINGING at the top of my lungs. No place to be, no agenda whatsoever. SMILING to those passing by. It was such an INSANELY EUPHORIC feeling. Perks of FOLLOWING YOUR DREAMS and playing the game you LOVE for a living. Keep PRACTICING kids!!! ????#JagÄlskarSverige#Sweden#OffDay