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So yesterday in my match I went up for a header and caught a stiff bow to the forehead..I asked to be bandaged up and sent back on the pitch but there was too much blood to manage. Really sucked having to leave my teammates in our final game of the season, especially since we were down 1 nil and seem to be gaining momentum. The ER doc glued me up and doesn't think I'll have too gnarly of a scar, though I heard the gash is deep. Life isnt always wonderful (though I love focusing on that aspect of it). Sometimes we experience pain, defeat and unfathomable sorrow, but it is there for a reason. Notice it. Embrace it. It's important to let heartache teach us, and vital to not let the feeling of despair overstay. As you've heard me say before, everything in life is PERSPECTIVE. These shortcomings may not be what I pictured for myself in this moment, but it is my belief everything happens for a reason, and a closed door is only redirecting me down a better path meant for me. Hard loss yesterday with the girls, but life is a game, full of highs and lows and everything in between. The best move now is to keep playing. #ShitDay #StillSoVeryBlessed #GoodThingsAreComing #PostivePerspective